The Thirteen 25 Report – September, October 2017 Edition

Amplifying Young Women's Voices to Strengthen Women-Led Community Media Network

“Women’s community radio provides the much needed link for our mothers, daughters and sisters to health, education, transport, weather, gender, policies and services,” said Michelle Tevita-Singh. “It is the information needed for women, by women. I urge you all to see that your role is extremely important.”

Tevita-Singh was speaking at opening of femLINKpacific’s Young Women’s Community Radio Learning Exchange supported by the Australian Government through the We Rise Coalition that got underway on Monday at the Pacific Community’s (SPC) Regional Media Centre in Nabua.

“Broadcasting, particularly radio, is still the most relevant media form,” added Sharon Bhagwan Rolls, Executive Producer-Director of femLINKpacific.

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Peace, Human Security and Development

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Peace, Human Security and Development

Investing in Education – More than about No Fees say Pacific Peace network leaders

“Though it will answer a lot of our problems for early school drop outs before year 10, it is now up to the parents to make sure that 'other costs' are sustained,” stated Anne Pakoa, representative of Vanuatu Young Women’s for Change - a member of the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC) Pacific network.

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Women speak out for just wages and workers rights

Something significant happened on the streets of Suva today. Women and men. Young women and children. Stevedores and factory workers. They walked side by side in solidarity with workers from civil society and academia. They sang. They chanted. They walked for social and economic justice.

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No Peace Without Women – UNSCR1325+17

It has long been recognised that when women lead and participate in peace processes, peace lasts longer. Peacebuilding is no longer simply about crisis response and post conflict action but, increasingly, about prevention - including through the use of peace education, dialogue and mediation, and transforming political processes to increase the representation of women of all diversities particularly in local governance.

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Bringing Peacewomen Together – UNSCR1325+17

“What is special is that we are working together as women within a global civil society network,” says Visaka Dharmadasa of Sri Lanka who has been a member of the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC) since it was established more than 14 years ago.


Events and Campaigns

International Day of Peace

Women’s Peace Tables

“Women are the source and foundation of peace,” says Seruwaia Todua, a member of the Cagiveisau Women’s Group in rural Macuata.

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Celebrating Peace, Reaffirming A Women’s Human Security First Approach

“The voices of these women full of emotions… hands scarred and wrinkled with years of hard work still fight for their space in society,” shared Losana Derenalagi, convenor in Nadi and Lautoka for femLINKpacific. “(These are) women who share stories with tears in their eyes. Most of us share our peace as love, joy, happiness and so on. That’s exactly what these women want. Unless we see peace from a conflict prevention lens, their peace is far-fetched.”

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13th Triennial Conference of Pacific Women

The 13th Triennial Conference of Pacific Women and 6th Meeting of the Pacific Ministers for Women was held from the 2nd to the 6th of October at the Novotel Lami Bay in Suva, Fiji.

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Rural Women’s Day

Rural Women Leaders Amplify their Vision for Gender Equality and Empowerment

“Gender equality for me is inclusiveness - equal opportunities for women and women with disabilities in the decision making process,” says Jashnita Reddy, a representative of the Moto Youth Group in Ba. “It’s also the equal access to resources and opportunities regardless of gender or disability.”

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Rural Women's Day at the Market

From the commemoration of Rural Women’s Day at the Labasa Market, Sulueti Waqa speaks to the Secretary of the Labasa Market Vendors Association, Mareta Tagivakatini. The following programme also features remarks by femLINKpacific’s convenor for the Northern Division, Adi Vasulevu, and other rural women leaders.

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Rural Women's Day Around Fiji

In commemoration of Rural Women's Day Hannah Hicks spoke with rural women leaders from the West about events they attended to mark the day, the importance of women's empowerment and their recommendations to enhance women's leadership.

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New Publications

Section J in Action: Pacific Women and the Media (Sept 2017)



Partner Updates

Young Women Envision the Future

44 young women leaders of all diversities on Friday adopted a vision document outlining the future they want to see realised in Fiji.

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No Nukes: Grappling with the Bomb - Britain’s Pacific H-bomb tests

‘Grappling with the Bomb’ is a history of Britain’s 1950s program to test the hydrogen bomb, code name Operation Grapple. In 1957–58, nine atmospheric nuclear tests were held at Malden Island and Christmas Island in the British Gilbert and Ellice Islands Colony — today, part of the Pacific nation of Kiribati.

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Women’s Weather Watch

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Cyclone Preparedness with Ravind Kumar

In this Women’s Weather Watch update, Sian Rolls speaks to Ravind Kumar, Director of the Fiji Meteorological Services, about the upcoming cyclone season. Kumar outlines some preparatory measures, the differences between cyclone categories and the ongoing dry spell.

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Here Are The Women

Sian Rolls

“Every day we’re amplifying women’s voices – through traditional and new media forms,” said Sian Rolls. “Every day, we’re chipping away at the invisibility of women in all their diversities, the unheard that definitely have something to say.”

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Shaileen Sharma

Shaileen Sharma is the first women president of Rotary Club and she is from Labasa. In this interview, she spoke of her role as the president, the challenges that women face when it comes to decision-making and how can it be improved. She also highlighted some of the major projects by the club that has assisted the communities in Labasa.

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On Air and Online

Women's Human Security First

September podcasts

October podcasts


Look At My Abilities

Look At My Abilities - As A Young Woman Leader

Building on our series of 'Look At My Abilities' programmes that focus on highlighting the leadership of women living with disabilities, Sulueti Waqa speaks to Jay Nasilasila, Devi Swamy, Angeline Bradberg and Marica Samanunu from Fiji National Council for Disabled Persons in Labasa. As young women, they share their challenges and policy recommendations.

A look at the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

FemTALK89FM's Look at my Abilities (LAMA) co-hosts Laniana Serukalou and Sudeshna Singh examine the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) recently ratified by the Government of Fiji. Speaking to a range of disability advocates, the documentary outlines recommendations to amplify progress. Produced with support from Stacey Perkett, an attachee from the University of Western Sydney.


In the studio

PICAN - Krishneil Narayan Pre-COP23

Krishneil Narayan, Coordinator of Pacific Island Climate Action Network (PICAN) speaks to Sian Rolls about a recent pre-COP23 meeting as well as the hopes for PICAN at COP23.

CCF - Moot Court

Speaking to Mereani Nawadra, Milini Buadromo of the Citizens Constitutional Forum explains what Moot Court is and the history behind this event.

UBP Fiji - White Cane Awareness

Mereani Nawadra, FemTALK89FM's Morning Waves host spoke to Anaseini Vakaidia the Project Officer of United Blind Persons of Fiji (UBP) about the White Cane Awareness Week, International White Cane Day and the significance of the day.

NCW Fiji - Celebrating Women's Role in Leadership Campaign

Bulou Verebunuya, a producer and broadcaster with femLINKpacific spoke with Fay Volatabu, the General Secretary of the National Council of Women on some of the upcoming events and campaigns that the Council is involved in; the “Celebrating Women’s Role in Leadership in Fiji” Campaign, also a song "Na Marama Qo" which was launched alongside the campaign and the Gala Night that the Council will be hosting on the 2nd of December.

An Interview with Latava Whippy

On FemTALK89FM Suva's Morning Waves, Mereani Nawadra speaks to Latava Whippy, captain of the Fiji National Women's Basketball Team.

Interview With Vindu Maharaj

Hannah Hicks speaks to Vindu Maharaj about her latest release of work which is also her first novel - Cultural Prison. Discussion focused on her development of her passion to write, a summary of the novel and also her advice to upcoming writers.


Ask A Lawyer

'Ask a Lawyer' is a series in collaboration with Fiji Women Lawyers Association (FWLA) and femLINKpacific; offering pro-bono legal advice via the airwaves and to femLINKpacific's community network of rural women leaders.

Ana Tuiketei

In this first segment Hannah Hicks and Sian Rolls speak with FWLA's Vice President, Ana Tuiketi on issues regarding personal security.

Personal, Economic and Environmental Security

Hannah Hicks spoke with Radhika Naidu the President of FWLA, Mele Rakai who is part of Sherani & Co one of Fiji's leading law firms and Salanieta Tamanikaiwaimaro the Founder and Executive Director of Pasifika Nexus, about various issues and concerns raised by femLINKpacific's rural network of women leaders - with specific reference to Personal Security, Economic Security and Environmental Security.


Her Excellency

'Her Excellency' is a series of interviews with female Ambassadors and High Commissioners.

Judith Cefkin

Sian Rolls speaks to Judith Cefkin, United States Ambassador to Fiji (as well as Kiribati, Nauru, Tonga, and Tuvalu), about her life before the foreign service, how she's found the Pacific during her term and issues she's passionate about. Rolls and Cefkin also discuss the role of women in building community resilience as well as words of advice for young women and girls.


Margaret Twomey

Sian Rolls speaks to Margaret Twomey, Australia's Ambassador to Fiji, about her connections to Fiji and her journey as a diplomat. They also discuss what leadership means to her as well as words of advice for young women and girls.

Melanie Hopkins

In this episode: Sian Rolls speaks to Melanie Hopkins - British High Commissioner to Fiji, non-resident High Commissioner to the Kingdom of Tonga, the Republic of Kiribati and Tuvalu as well as non-resident Ambassador to the Federated States of Micronesia and Head of the South Pacific Network - about her journey to being the High Commissioner in Fiji, her interests and passions including advice related to leadership and self-care.

Litia Mawi

Sian Rolls speaks to Litia Mawi, Roving Ambassador/High Commissioner based at Headquarters and is accredited to eleven Pacific Islands States, about how she entered into diplomacy, her experiences through her work and issues she is passionate about addressing.



Women’s Peace Tables

‘Women’s Peace Table’ is a short film that looks at the role of women in building peace. While examining how women have progress peace and human security throughout periods of conflict, in all their forms, the short film places a spotlight on the need for national and regional inter-governmental spaces to make the decision-making table bigger. The narrative places particular focus on intergenerational dialogue with the film interweaving the reflections of Emanita Vaka’ahi, a young woman living in Tonga, with peacewomen across the Pacific region.

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