Follow our Women's Weather Watch before, during and after Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston arrived to Fiji's shores as well as Tropical Cyclone Zena in early April- primarily featuring highlights from our Facebook updates in reverse chronological order:


30 April

WACC joins disaster communications network


28 April

The Women’s Weather Watch anthem from our Young Women’s Learning Exchange 



27 April

Young Women reflect on TC Winston



26 April

Our Young Women’s Learning Exchange focused on Women’s Weather Watch


25 April

Update post TC Amos via DMO Samoa


24 April

Photos via Cherelle Fruean 

Update via Samoa Weather Watchers 

Update via Cherelle Fruean 

TC Amos Update via Na Draki Weather 



23 April

Update via Islands Business


22 April

TC Amos Update via Na Draki Weather 

TC Amos Update - expected to affect Samoa over the weekend 


21 April

FWRM's Menka Goundar on RNZI about protection priorities for women 

WWW Updates from our Labasa CMC monthly meeting 

Updates on TC Amos via Na Draki Weather 

Women are the backbone - via ActionAid Australia


20 April

#StopTheClock on cuts - via ActionAid Australia 

FemTALK - women of the Catholic Women's League continue to hold Asia Pacific WUCWO conference despite TC Winston


18 April

WWW update via Adi Vasulevu in Labasa 

WWW Update via Fane Boseiwaqa in Tavua


17 April

WWW updates from our network in Labasa 

Weather Bulletin update 


16 April

WWW update via Adi Vasulevu (photos) 

Weather Update via Na Draki Weather 

Weather update via Commissioner Central 

Weather update via FijiMet 

Weather update via Na Draki Weather 

Women's Weather Watch updates via Labasa team 


15 April

Floods in Rakiraki (photos) 

Weather Update - Heavy Rain Warning issued 

Women's Weather Watch policy briefing (photos) 

WWW Makes the News - Fiji Television 

Australian High Commission event - acknowledging the role of women in TC Winston response 


14 April

FemVids Ultimo - 3rd story features Women's Weather Watch Updates




12 April

Women's Weather Watch makes the news


8 April

Frances Tawake speaks to and reflects on the unrecognised contribution of women as first responders to disaster  

Why we need investment in applying UNSCR1325 in humanitarian action


7 April

Update regarding the situation following media briefing by Director National Disaster Management 

Update from Losana Derenalagi in Nadi 

Update from Laisa Rokovu, Rural Woman Leader in Navua 

Updates from Losana Derenalagi in Nadi 

Updates from our network via Adi Vasulevu in the North 

Updates from our network via Regina Rakacikaci in the Cental Division 

Updates from our network via Fane Boseiwaqa in Tavua 

Updates from our network via Dorothy Bali in Ba 


6 April

Weather update via Islands Business - TC Zena may swing back Friday/Saturday 

Weather update via Fiji Times - path of TC Zena changes 

TC Zena projected path 

Photos via Anish Chand of Rakiraki 

Update via Sokoveti Lutumailagi 

Hurricane Warning #14 - cross posting 

Updates via our rural women leaders and convener/correspondents: 

Notice of FemTALK89FM/FemLINKPACIFIC CMC shut down 

Islands Business cross posting - weather update 

FemTALK - Women's Weather Watch update from 5th April 


5 April

Tropical Cyclone Warning in effect 

WWW - Preparedness is key 

WWW Vanuatu Update - Island Business cross post 

Cross posting - NaDraki Weather Update 

Fiji Police Update on Nadi Town Closure


4 April

Cross posting - Fiji Met Service 

Cross posting - Islands Business 

Photos via Nadi Farmers Club 

WWW Update via Adi Vasulevu 

Public Advisory on Movement Restriction via Ministry of Rural and Maritime Development and National Disaster Management Office 

WWW Update via Frances Tawake 

WWW Update via Dorothy Bali 

Photos via our team in Labasa 

WWW Update Vanuatu via Anne Pakoa 

WWW Update via Adi Vasulevu 

WWW Update via Losana Derenalagi 

Photos via Anish Chand 

WWW Update via Fane Boseiwaqa 

Update via NaDraki Weather from FBC News - schools closed


3 April

Photos via Anish Chand 

Fiji Met Service cross posting 

NaDraki Weather update cross posting


2 April

Preparedness is key 


31 March

Such key linkages and connections - Cross posting from Action Aid Australia 

Humanitarian assistance is a peace, security and human rights matter 


25 March

FemTALK Update - Information is critical


22 March

Weather update via Fiji Met Service 

Weather update via RNZI 


21 March

Women of Vanuatu refuse to remain silent 

Fiji Solidarity Messages via ActionAid Australia

Frances Tawake reflects as she compares the aftermath of TC Winston to that of TC Pam in Vanuatu last year


17 March

Roselyn Tari of Further Arts in Vanuatu reflects on the year since TC Pam



16 March

Anne Pakoa of Vanuatu Young Women for Change reflects on the year since TC Pam


15 March

FemTALK from CSW60 emphasizes that enivornmental security action and response must account for the needs and rights of women


14 March

FemTALK calls to put Section J in Action to ensure people are prepared and take action


13 March

Cross Posting - remembering TC Pam one year on 


11 March


FemTALK: Who Made the News in February in Fiji? - Features data as we look to the representation of women in the media particularly following TC Winston 


Women's Weather Watch radio documentary series in collaboration with AMARC were produced the week after TC Winston by Sulueti Waqa, Lucille Chute, Sokoveti Lutumailagi, Regina Fiat and Bulou Verebunuya: 


10 March


Daily Update collates what the women said on the 9th of March: 


WWW Update via Losana Derenalagi and Sokoveti Lutumailagi: 


WWW: Looking North Update via Adi Vasulevu: 


9 March


WWW Update via Fane Lomani Boseiwaqa: 


Sulueti Waqa, FemLINKPACIFIC's Programme Associate Multimedia reflects on the situation of the Tavegavega community near her own in Ba: 

8 March

For International Women's Day, we launched:

- the Women’s Weather Watch edition of the HEROWINS comic book,
- a series of radio documentaries produced in collaboration with the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC)
- 8 episodes of the Radio with Pictures series which will be broadcast on FemTALK 89FM radio stations and Fiji Television.

for more on this, go to: 

we continue to dedicate the month of March to our Women's Weather Watch campaign.

We were also overjoyed to hear of the new CEDAW General Recommendation 34 on the Rights of Rural Women! Read more: 

We will continue later in March with consultations around the country to hear what women say and what women need: 


4 March


Additional photos from our Radio with Pictures Production:


Selected tweets from our production of Radio With Pictures:


Our production of Radio With Pictures prepares to get underway - each episode opens on a Women's Weather Watch or disaster event reflection:


3 March


BTS of our Radio With Pictures series to feature the experiences, recommendations and solutions of women, following TC Winston and looking ahead: 


WWW Solidarity via ARROW: 


WWW Update via DIVA for Equality (video): 


2 March


Story via UNICEF: 


WWW Update via Fiji RMDNDM on Twitter: 


1 March


Pope Francis prays for Fiji via Newswire: 


WWW recommendations following our first day of our National Consultation: 

Photo album from our National Consultation:

** - 


Via UNICEF Pacific: WWW Story: 


WWW Update via Alisia Evans: The Work of the House of Sarah:


29 February


An unfortunate reminder about the importance of protection strategies: 

Update via FWRM: 

ActionAid appeal: 


WWW: TC Winston reflections by Lucille Chute:


WWW: TC Winston reflections by Frances Tawake:


WWW Photos via Fane Lomani Boseiwaqa:


28 February


Data via UN OCHA: 

List of schools open via Fiji Government: 


27 February


Video via DIVA For Equality: 


TC Yalo info via Fiji Meteorological: *Was no direct threat to Fiji and was in the vicinity of French Polynesia

Info via ActionAid: 


26 February


Toll Free National Helpline info (132454) via MOH: 


Bua Youth get organised:


WWW photos via Sokoveti Lutumailagi and Losana Derenalagi:

Looking North: A WWW Update via Adi Vasulevu:

Rakiraki flood alert: 


WWW Update from Tavua:


25 February


WWW Update from Ba:


Update via NaDraki Weather: 


A solidarity message by IWDA: 

WWW Update from Tavua:


Sharing of photo via Eceli Rosa: 


Sharing FijiTimes article to FB: 


24 February


WWW Update regarding clarity of information:



Losana Derenalagi sent WWW updates and photos: 


Sharing photos via Eceli Rosa: 


Women's Weather Watch update on in the involvement of women leaders: 


Via the NGO Coalition on Human Rights - "Coalition commends disaster response efforts, calls for national unity": 


Cross posting: Disability Data via Naziah Ali: 


WWW Update via Losana Derenalagi: 


Cross posting to FB of Fiji One News report: 


WWW Report via Sarojini Goundar in Tavua:

WWW Update via Naziah Ali:


Cross posting of photos via DIVA for Equality to FB:

AMARC AP Solidarity statement: 


23 February


Sally Rounds of RNZI speaks to Adi Vasu:

Cross posting of Fiji Times story "Village of Heroines": 


WWW Update via Losana Derenalagi:


Our FemTALK update for the day: 


WWW Updates: From Adi Vasu in the North: 


WWW Updates: Food Security via Fane Lomani: 


WWW Updates from Nanise Cakau (Nausori) and Merelasita (Labasa): 


Women from Ba and Rakiraki share their situation on the ground: 


TC Winston aftermath update via US Navy Forecast: 


TC Winston Aftermath update via Sarojini Gounder: 


22 February


Water Authority of Fiji update shared to FB: 

Photos shared to FB via Ricardo Morris: 

Cross posting of FemLINKPACIFIC's Sulueti Waqa's interview with RNZI: 

Timaima Ralolokula updates us following the convening of a meeting with the community women's club: -  


Video shared to FB via NaDraki Weather: 


WWW Update via Adi Vasu: On the TC Winston Aftermath:

WWW Update via Nadi/Malamala Woman Leader:


WWW Update:

“With power restored in Labasa Town our 100 watt FemTALK 89FM is back on air reaching out to a 10km radius.
If you have information and messages to support rehabilitation including psycho-social support, health, nutrition, safety and security please email (etc)”


IB story shared to FB: (also: )

WWW Update:

Women's Weather Watch continues but for now so glad to hear from Adivasu that all okay at our Labasa Community Media Centre. However we do need electricity to be restored to resume FemTALK 89FM broadcasts -

RNZI story featuring correspondents etc :


21 February


RNZI update shared to FB:


Major cyclone history shared to FB:


WWW Network updates: 

WWW Network updates:


Fijian Government reminder regarding National Curfew shared to FB: 


NaDraki Weather update shared to FB: 


20 February


NaDraki Weather update shared to FB:

NaDraki Weather update shared to FB:

Special Weather Bulletin #36 on Severe TC Winston shared to FB: 

Stuff NZ link shared to FB:


NaDraki weather update shared to FB: 

National Emergency Operation Centre contacts shared to FB: 



Update from Fane in Tavua:


Fiji Roads Update shared to FB: - 

NaDraki Weather update shared to FB: - 


WWW Update from Adi Vasu in Labasa:

Fiji Meteorological Service update shared to FB:


NaDraki Weather update shared to FB:

Fiji Government update shared to FB:


Change in TC Winston course update to FB:

FNDMO Action Guide video shared to FB:


Visual Update shared to FB:

NaDraki Weather post shared on FB:

MRMDND Evac Centre list shared:


19 February


Newswire Update shared on the upgrading of TC Winston to a category 5 to FB:

Fijian Government advisory shared to FB:


Special Weather Bulletin #22 on Severe TC Winston shared to FB: 


February 11

WWW Updates


February 2

TC Ula Reflections



January 8th Updates

January 2nd Updates

Humanitarian Emergency Responses must ensure Women's Leadership