Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Vision

femLINKpacific will be a catalyst for change. We seek a world where there is gender justice, ecological sustainability, peace, freedom, equality and human rights


Our Mission

Our mission is to be a strong and effective feminist community media and policy network recognising and affirming our multi-ethnic and multi-faith founding principles


Our Goals

  • Women, young women and the under-served communities access key information and communication platforms and participate in public dialogue and decision-making and lead shifts in public and political opinion
  • Through the production of radio and multimedia content and publications which raise awareness of women’s leadership and participation at all levels of decision-making
  • Working collaboratively with CSOs, donors and development partners and strengthening our own internal governance systems and processes as it refers to our finances and operations as well as our human resource capacities.


Our Expression of Feminist Principles

femLINKpacific believes that all persons especially women should be treated equally regardless of actual or supposed personal characteristics including age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and gender identity and expression (SOGIE), primary language, disability, economic status, family status or opinion. 

Media and communication can be a powerful force for positive social change. Radio, TV, printed and social media, as well as mobiles and interpersonal communication, can engage large numbers of people relatively cheaply - facilitating the exchange of information and ideas, dialogue, discussion and debate.

This stimulates face-to-face communication among communities and policy-making structures that can benefit large numbers of people.

Media can give voice to all members of society in national debates that will shape the nation’s future and foster an engaged public calling for transparency and accountability from its government. It can also play a role in informing the public about topics such as education, climate change, health, access to justice, gender inclusiveness in decision making that could improve the life of the of citizens.

Identified in Section J of the Beijing Platform for Action, and as femLINKpacific has demonstrated, a feminist media approach can contribute to strengthening national and regional networks of civil society groups and engaged media professionals to bring about a qualitative and quantitative increase in women’s participation in the news media as well as enhance an approach to media professional ethics that integrates gender equality concerns.

Building on the work of enabling women’s access to appropriate and accessible media technology is resulting in enhancing media literacy and production as proponents for a more gender-responsive media. A community media approach has been enabling a broad spectrum of opinions to be shared, as well as ensuring that politicians and government authorities respond to the needs and priorities of its citizens.

A feminist media approach can contribute at two levels:

  • Strengthening national and regional networks of civil society groups as well as engage media professionals to bring about a qualitative and quantitative increase in women’s participation in the news media
  • Enhance an approach to media professional ethics that integrates gender equality concerns.

As an accredited media organisation with the Media Industry Development Authority of Fiji, femLINKpacific produces a range of media initiatives.

This includes community radio broadcasts with our own community radio network ‘FemTALK 89FM’ and a range of published resource materials, supporting women’s networking, media monitoring and research such as the Community Radio Times, Pasifika Peace Talanoa, Community Radio Soundbytes and Women’s Human Security First reports.

Since 2003, catalysed by our role the Pacific coordinator of the Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP), we have worked to progress gender equality in and with Pacific media as well as being a leading advocate and demonstrating a Pacific feminist media and community radio model including with inter-governmental organisations.

In November 2015, femLINKpacific signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Pacific Community (SPC) which provides a framework for collaboration to progress gender equality through and with the media, including the use of media monitoring tools.

In 2016, we have signed on to the UNWomen Media Compact and undertook our first media assignment with UN media accreditation at the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul.

Since 2004, femLINKpacific continues to facilitate a vibrant multiracial rural community media network which has functioned and expanded despite the political constraints of 2006 – 2014. This includes the expansion of radio hours at the Suva-based to operating on a 24-hour basis, the establishment of the first radio station on Vanua Levu at the femLINKpacific Community Media Centre in Labasa, with a dedicated 5 hours per weekday broadcast, and maintaining occasional public outreach through suitcase radio rural broadcasts.

Subsequently, femLINKpacific has enabled a cadre of women and young women who continue to use information and communication links to bridge the gap for women in rural and urban settings, their communities and decision making bodies.

Information gathered from women in our rural networks through consultations and/or network meetings are crafted into stories that are published through our various platforms and publications as well as radio programmes broadcasted from both radio station.


Our vibrant community media network has been a key tool to localising the Women, Peace and Security commitments in the Pacific!